Embraer ERJ 145 Flight Simulator

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Rudder Pedals

After butchering my CH yoke, I decided on a less invasive method of modifying th pedals, to give a better look, and more width. Following an idea ina post from WARVET, I puzzled over adding heavier pedals.

In the end, after a brainwave in my local DIY shop, I made some pedals from aluminium extrusions - 25mm sq tube, and stair protectors, plus pop rivets.

I'm not sure how the CH bearings will stand up to the side pressure, but we will see - all bolted to the pedal, fitted with a nice top, and fitted together.

New Pedals from VFC

Close up of the Virtual Flight Controls pedals

I looked around for a better set of rudder pedals, as I was unhappy with the CH set - I came across the VirtualFlightControls website (http://www.virtualflightcontrols.com/), and decided to give the company a try - I am very satisfied with the results, and although they are really GA pedals, the feel is excellent, as they are made to an aircraft specification, and use magnetic sensors in place of potentiometers to give long life.


The cockpit builders version of the VFC pedals, showing the mounting box

Another view

Fitted to the Shell