Embraer ERJ 145 Flight Simulator

Welcome to the world of home built Embraer simulators

Overhead Completed

 The hardware kit required for the FDS overhead arrived in May, and I quickly was able to mount all the components.

The base is the 1/2" ply frame, fitted with hinges at the front, and fixed with screws at the back to allow access, and the switches, rotary switches and K1 were all easy to fit.

I am using the FDS "SYS" cards for interfacing to PM systems - the cards are mounted on a ply base, above the rear of the overhead.

The wiring gets better as I go from left to right, and get used to the way of building - I still have some testing to do before I can say all works OK.

Mounted in the shell. it certainly looks the business:

More to follow, once the rebuild is finished.

In Situ

The two parts of the panels are fixed togther using 4mm bolts, then mounted to a plywood frame, using painted screws.

The frame is fixed using sliding hinges to the 3x2 fixed above the windshield, to allow it to be opened, or removed for maintanence.

Backlighting is still open for finalising, but currently provided by a santa claus star fixed above the panel.

Backlighting VI

Lots of holes, no hardware!


The full set of FDS of Signature overhead panels - MkI fire handles, and waiting for the hardware and interfacing cards