Embraer ERJ 145 Flight Simulator

Welcome to the world of home built Embraer simulators

The EMB Project

As a boy, I had the usual interest in aviation - Airfix models. balsa wood gliders...

Aged 13, I joined the local squadron of the Air training Corps, and continued until I was 21!

This allowed a huge scope for adventures, from camping trips, flights in RAF aircraft to the illicit use of DP (Drill Purpose) parachutes for parasailing trials.

We built our own version of a Link Trainer using real instruments and a cockpit built from packing cases moved by assistants from the audience - if I remember, we even had a smoked perspex windshield. to allow instrument flying.

In the future, after the lifting of the 30 year rule, I may be able to report such incidents as the low level resupply drop from a Bedford truck at the local fete, where an unexpected side wind resulted in 20 innocent spectators being given a "scoop" ride in a parachute canopy, to the aerial exploits of Cadet Smith, who, being the lightest member of the squadron, was used as a display item to be hoisted aloft in the DP parachute...

I digress - the arrival of MSFS was an opportunity not to be missed - I enjoyed all versions until, living in Portugal. I purchased FS9 (for my son..!)

This led to various internet searches, the discovery of FDS, PM, etc, and the birth of the MkI EMB.

Here are some Pics of the first version - basic, I know, but it fired my enthusiasm, along with the comments of Tim (A340), and many others to proceed along a dangerous path!

The Box - the first version of a simulator

Exterior - IKEA Flat pack?