Embraer ERJ 145 Flight Simulator

Welcome to the world of home built Embraer simulators

Construction MkIII

Having moved back to Spain, I began the MkIII of the sim - Firstly, thanks to the FDS team, and especially Peter, for the inspiration and confidence to continue. Acknowledgements must also be given ( and excuse me here, for FDS Forum contribitors, who, as they say are too numerous etc....)

Pictured here: Sidewall construction and base


How I did it

Having studied forums for a long time, and been back and forth over the choice of aircraft,  I found myself with a 4 hr layover in Frankfurt Airport, so spent some serious time sketching designs.

My objective was a life size cockpit, to fit FDS panels, and to allow me to be the guy on the "Airplane" movie, when the flight attendant asks if there is a pilot aboard, as both the aircrew ate the fish. (At least, as we spun in, I'd think sh**, which mouse press was it?)

Seriously, what I wanted was a box with as close as possible, the dimensions of a real 145, which, a passenger in Europe on many occasions, I had been secretly measuring on various flights. I have been constantly amazed by the FDS customers and home builders enthusiasm, and so pressed on with my woodworking.

Pics of the construction