Embraer ERJ 145 Flight Simulator

Welcome to the world of home built Embraer simulators

General workshop hints

Over the years, I have acquired many workshop tools, starting from my years a motor mechanic, and later with power woodworking tools. All can be purchased in an average DIY outlet, and in the construction of the sim, most use has been made of a jigsaw, column drill, and recently, for the control columns, a home DIY 150A arc welder.

I am working in my garage, and the key for this project has been to make a good sized workbench. I am using a sheet of chipboard flooring, left over from the base of the sim, supported on two workmate benches.

I have my fixed benches in the corner, as you can see from some of the pictures, and this gives a good working environment - like a good kitchen, a workshop should allow you to get at most things without a lot of walking.

A project like a home made cockpit can be attempted without fear any any garage, (assuming you can get the better half to get the car out!), using normal DIY tools - the trick is to go bit by bit, and not be afraid to stop and think about bits you are not sure of - experiment with offcuts, or paper models, until you are confident to go ahead.

One trick I have used is using a photo paint programme to print large images (real size), to get some idea of dimensions - with the shell, I knew the diameter from the Embraer website, but used my projector to project a full size image of the front of the aircraft onto the shell, to give me window locations, and roof shapes - which I marked on the shell using a pencil!



Please be aware that cutting and sanding MDF can be hazardous to the health - use masks and goggles when working with poer tools!