Embraer ERJ 145 Flight Simulator

Welcome to the world of home built Embraer simulators


Avionics means aviation electronics.

I am making extensive use of Project Magenta software.

As there is no specific ERJ software available today, I am using PMRJ to provide the main flight and navigation displays, which give a very accurate reproduction of the main instrumentation.

For the time being, I am using the excellent Boeing suite of CDU and MCP software, which connect to the PMRJ, and give the FMS and autopilot functions.

This means some compromise on replicating the exact Honeywell systems used by Embraer, but in my case, the functionality is more than enough to allow the simulator to be flown, using flightplans, and using the autopilot to control the sim during the flight

The ERJ does not have auto throttles, so that function is disabled in the MCP, and speed control is made using pitch and throttle movements.

Nor does it have autoland, but the ILS will bring the sim down to decision height every time, on the line.

I have recently added the PM Instructor station, which allows for monitoring the flight, adding faults, and positioning - ideal, for example for practicing approaches.

Watch this space for future developments!