Embraer ERJ 145 Flight Simulator

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August 2010


The access to the lightdeck is from the next room 

After a few false starts during the year, I took advantage of holiday time to get some building done at last!

From my previous luxury double garage, the 145 is now housed in a bedroom (unused),and after I knocked a hole in the wall, connected to an adjacent bedroom to give access to the flightdeck.

We are fortunate in having a house that was originally two apartments, and we live mostly in the downstairs one - so upstairs is mine!

The disadvantages over my original space are many - my method of starting with building a full shell, whilst I waited for panels, meant I had to do some airframe hacking to get access to the projectors, which I had cleverly mounted before re assembling the shell, and to reduce the height of the nice roundy bit above the windshields to miss the projector beams.



side clearance


Getting in and out is a bit tight!